Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ida B.

I just read a book called Ida B., by Katherine Hannigan. It is a really light-hearted, funny read. It is about a young girl named Ida B. Applewood, more commonly known as Ida B. She is a homeschooled, carefree, glass half full kind of girl. Until something comes into her life that changes that all. Then her world is turned upside down, and she has to go to the "Place of Slow but Sure Body-Cramping, Mind-Numbing, Fun-Killing Torture-school." Her perfect world is not so perfect anymore. Can Ida B. concoct a plan that solves all of her problems? Read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thx 4 reading u r rad i hope u like the book 2 <3 (Thought I'd share some of my savvy texting with you!) (i just figured out how to do hearts. YAY!!!)

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