Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Have Lived A Thousand Years

I just read an ah-MAZING book called I Have Lived A Thousand Years, by Livia Bitton Jackson. This book might be a little scary for some, because it is based during the Holocaust in a concentration camp for a majority of the time, but we young people need to learn really happened in the Holocaust!!!! Don't be turned off! It's probably one of my favorite books of all time!!!!

For Elli Friedmann, life is good. She lives in a beautiful town, gets good grades, and has dreams of going away for school in Budapest. But when the Nazis come to town, everything changes.

This story is incredible!!! I learned so much about the horrors the Jews had to endure during Hitler's reign. But what I especially like about this book is the close relationship Elli and her mother maintain even in the darkest of times. They raise each other up! It really emphasizes the importance of family.

For those of you who love this book, there is a 2 other books in the series!!!! They are just as good as this one!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!! :)

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